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I have had a very shiny day, first poking at shops in Camden with random_haze (nothing fell out of the shops, but it was nice anyway) and then sitting in $pub with random_haze and corpsie, which was just lovely - I've not seen them for far too long. (Haze darling - was it this?)

random_haze gave me shiny things including glittery bubble making stuff and Mark Billingham books, and then when corpsie joined us he brought with him a Dawn figurine and then went off to get me a Moose, namely Zeus the Moose, who is something of a running joke. So I have a moose! And a Dawn. And they are both very shiny.

There was then a pleasantly surreal bus journey home, accompanied by a TV screen showing, among other things, an advert for a college that couldn't spell 'professional', and a short film of Delia Smith making jacket potatoes.
I love this city. And I love my friends.


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