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In other news...

Thorpe Park on Saturday was brilliant, just as good as I'd remembered only with a little added rain that improved matters even more - there's nothing like a theme park for reminding you just how many idiots this country harbours, though, or indeed how many ghastly twelve-year-olds with Breville hair and hoop earrings. Nonetheless we avoided them most of the time, and asrana bought me candyfloss and deafened me screaming on the rides and was generally wonderful. And she gave me a beautiful champagne flute held by a dragon, to go with my Big Goth Glass that I got from Disneyworld, so, y'know. She rocks.

And from my father, Christopher Fowler books that are absolutely breathtakingly fantastic, and cross stitch and a bag with kittens! and a bracelet from my mother, and katyha gave me The Most Surreal Present Ever (a CD of a musical based on Silence Of The Lambs. Really.) and yesterday dennyd gave me a glittery lava lamp and a gorgeous necklace that changes colour, and really, with the exception of bits of yesterday, it was a really good birthday. So I'm not complaining much, really. ~smile~

And with any luck my parents' cheque will arrive in time and I can still do all the things I was planning to do this week, so I should be at The Calling tomorrow and things. Most of the world is shiny today. Which is good.

Still tired, though. ~kittenyawns~


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