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This afternoon saw a return trip to the Pain exhibition at the Science Museum with darling ladycat and the ever-lovely rosenkavalier. It was good to go back - I took more of it in this time. Still disturbing, but enough people must have complained about the soundtrack to one of the exhibits (the thing that got to me most last time) that they'd turned it down considerably, making it almost bearable. Which was both interesting and good.

Then we went to Trafalgar Square in search of non-existent bicycles, and thence in the general direction of London Bridge in search of a pub, at which point I bailed out on the grounds that I am useless and it was Too Hot By Far. But Electric Dreams this evening, which I am very much looking forward to, so I've a chance to see them again and give ladycat her card.

Home now, and have stood under a cold shower until I couldn't stay upright any more, which has improved matters. I also have mini milk and music. It *does* get better than this, but I don't think today could. ~smile~


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