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Thursday 10 - Saturday 12 Home in Sussex, doing birthday stuff with parents
Sunday 13th heteronormative's birthday party?

Monday 14th ladycat birthday things, including Electric Dreams
Tues 15th Singing lesson in the afternoon, evening free
Weds 16th Harry Potter with spikeylady, then dinner with djm4
Thurs 17th Day free, evening hopefully kitty_goth
Fri 18th Day free, evening possibly LPB pub, and asrana
Sat 19th Turn 20, rush as fast as possible to Thorpe Park with asrana
Sun 20th asrana, then up to see dennyd

Mon 21st dennyd?
Tues 22nd The Calling
Weds 23rd wildeabandon
Thurs 24th Singing lesson in the afternoon, evening zeke_hubris
Fri 25th Free
Sat 26th giolla
Sun 27th giolla

bastard, if you're reading this, would it be possible for me to come up on the 28th and hang about for a few days?

Anything I've forgotten? Anything anyone would like to add? Cancel? Change?

Edit : Oh, and my e-mail's randomly down, so if there are any comments you want me to see or if you've e-mailed me, comment here to let me know? Thanks.
Seems to be working now, if erratically. Possibly still best to leave a comment here if there's anything particularly urgent, not that that's likely on a sleepy Wednesday morning. ~smile~

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