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"Lead my life, head's in the clouds, try to deal with city crowds..."

Had an unexpectedly lovely day today - met asrana for a couple of hours and went to look at shiny things in Forbidden Planet (I'm getting a birthday present, yay!) and bought The Quotable Sandman because it was adorable and pretty, and, well, cheap. ~smile~

Then headed to The Dev to see, in no particular order, bootpunk, arkady, lolliepopp, djm4, valkyriekaren, wechsler, zoo_music_girl, zotz, steer, childeric, kitty_goth, ladycat, and some people whose LJ names I wouldn't know (or who may not have LJs at all, of course.) All of whom it was superlatively lovely to see.

Chatted with childeric about Duran Duran duvet cover slash, with zotz about the potentially twisted mind of the singer of Creed, with ladycat about gloves and cute goths, with various people about music, with kitty_goth for the first time in a long while, squeaked over Emily Strange badges given to me by wechsler, and eventually went down the road to the noodle bar with arkady, before heading back to The Dev for a bit and then home.

Gorgeous day, but It Is Too Hot and I wish it would storm already. Love to all, and extra love and ~hugs~ to ev1ldonut and kissycat1000 who've had something of an alarming weekend. Hope the rest of you have been enjoying yourselves.


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