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Another two surveys...thanks, asrana!

*A - Age: 17
*B - Best friend: No.
*C - Choice of Meat: Chicken.
*D - Dream Date: ...involving Nic Lea, a certain friend of mine, and a big bottle of champagne? ~ggls~
*E - Exciting Adventure: No, thanks. (asrana - ROFL you want to climb a rock??! ~hysterics~)
*F - Favorite food: Mmm...don't know. Many things.
*G - Greatest Accomplishment: Eh...getting some freakin' work done for a change? Not killing my dad yet? ~g~
*H - Happiest day of my life: When I won the scholarship, or The Day My Mum Got Damed. Or the Duran concert, or any of my other concerts.
*I - Interests: Music, music, music, makeup, fanfic, music, Daniel Radcliffe. ~ggls~
*J - Junk Food: It's all good.
*K - Kool-aid: No, thanks. ~shudders~
*L - Love: Chris, asrana, Val, chiriko, Tash, Rebecca, Tasha, May, Jewel, Duran, blah de blah blah blah.
*M - Most valued possession: ...mmm. My music, if we mean material possessions.
*N - Name: Emily
*O - Outfit I love: Black skirt and velvet top. Or my huge goth shirt. ~ggls~
*P - Pizza toppings: Aromatic duck. ~nods~ Really.
*Q - Question I am asked the most: "How do you spell...?" or "Who sang...?"
*R - Radio station: Wave 105.2 or Radio 2.
*S - Sport: is the best idea Satan ever had.
*T - Television show: TOTP2, NMTB, AQOP, HIGNFYU. ~ggls~
*U - Ur favorite song: ~pats writer on head~ Yes, dear. Um, at the moment...~ggls~ Fox On The Run by The Sweet! ~bounces~
*V - Video: ~tilts head~ The vid for 'Obsession' by Animotion. One of the funniest ever.
*W - Winter: Is great. Love winter.
*X - Xylophone: Gah! I hate those things.
*Y - Year born: 1984
*Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini


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