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Well now.

Not a wildly successful night as far as I was concerned, but believe me, everyone should take a chance to visit the Egg club at least once. It is the most fabulous venue, and it was pretty much perfect last night - a walled garden with candles all over the place and plenty of places to sit or lounge, and then three dancefloors and surrounding areas connected by several rather lovely stairways, a balcony terrace, and seating everywhere, which was much appreciated.

Music wise I'm not sure what I thought, but I'll be going back to decide properly, in the summer when they start running properly. There would probably always have been something to dance to on one floor or other, but tired as I was I was content to just sit out on the grass astroturf with people and occasionally jump up if I caught sound of a song I wanted to dance to.

The company was of course excellent - too many people whose names I don't know, so I won't try listing them, but it was good to see purplekaz again and the unexpected post-B-Movie zeke_hubris was a good thing as well. corpsie and random_haze were, naturally, lovely and wonderful.

Didn't get home until 5, so I'm now very very tired. But I've got a few hours of singing to do this afternoon, so I'm trying to wake up rather than let myself collapse into exhaustion. ~s~

Did I mention that the Scissor Sisters rock?


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