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Meme from navigatorsghost...

Ten songs I can't live without :
1) Europa And The Pirate Twins - Thomas Dolby
2) Tiger Tiger - Duran Duran
3) Astradyne - Ultravox
4) Big Area - Then Jericho
5) When We Dance - Sting
6) Oh Yeah - Roxy Music
7) Tea In The Sahara - The Police
8) Broken Wings - Mr Mister
9) Nights In White Satin - The Moody Blues
10) Golden Brown - The Stranglers
Though this is by no means all the songs I can't live without, of course. :)

Nine random things about me:
1) Most people know this, but I went to the same prep school as Eddie Izzard.
2) Though I haven't played in a long time now, I used to be fantastic at table tennis.
3) I had a crush on Phil Collins for a while, before I ever saw his face.
4) I can't stand the sight of blood. This may seem odd to some of you.
5) I met Liam Gallagher once; he'd gone backstage at the same show as I had, for the same reason : to meet Philip Schofield.
6) I didn't know what sex was until I started reading slash fanfiction. This explains much.
7) I'm terrified of dogs.
8) I once legged it over a hotel fence with my mum and dad to get out of the way of an angry elephant.
9) I can't recall a single Celine Dion song I haven't liked.

Eight things running through my head right now:
1) feanelwa just linked to this. It is now in my head.
2) Wondering what writing it is that giolla might have for me.
3) Urban Gothic Wrong Undead Weird Slash of Doom.
4) Must get out and buy cross stitch for birthday present for my mother.
5) My dream last night in which the security guards from my course opera piece attacked me with iron bars and stuff. Mmm.
6) The proofreading I can't quite face doing just yet.
7) Wondering if there's anything worthwhile on the TV tonight or if it'll just be watching Urban Gothic for the third time. :)
8) Discontented at the hailstorms. I prefer rain.

Seven places I'd like to go:
1) Chicago (again)
2) Home
3) Egypt
4) Boston (again)
5) Ireland (again)
6) Cornwall
7) Venice, just once, for the carnival.

Six things I believe:
1) Anything - anything at all - is possible.
2) We are alone in the universe. The universe, however, is *not* alone.
3) I am going to be famous.
4) People are basically good.
5) Music is the answer.
6) Everything exists. Somewhere.

Five things I'd like to do before I die:
1) Meet Duran Duran.
2) Make lots, and lots, and *lots* of money.
3) Make things up with my long lost best friends.
4) Understand London.
5) Take everyone I know, who'd want to come, to Disneyworld.

Four people who mean the world to me:
Only four? Ok then, only four.
1) asrana. My bestest friend of all my friends.
2) dennyd. The best thing ever to happen to me, my lord and my love.
3) My parents - counting them as a unit because they are one, really. However much I complain about them they do mean the world to me.
4) Javelin. You didn't say they had to be real. And besides, I can't really choose anyone else real above any of the other people who mean the world to me. There are quite a few.

Three things I did as a child:
1) Broke a flute over someone's head.
2) Knocked myself out whilst playing kisschase.
3) Went to the International Children's Conference on the Environment. (Yes, it was very very dull indeed.)

Two of my faults:
1) I have minimal confidence.
2) Except in the areas in which I have too much.

One thing about my future:
1) It seems to have a lot of people I love in it. This is good.


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