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Erm. Oops.

Well, the security guards in this piece we're doing with the course all have weapons. One of them has a cosh, one a rope with a spiky thing on the end, one a Big Fucking Gun, and one a set of throwing knives.

This has resulted in an interesting conversation with two of my coursemates, in which I ended up coming out as SM because there was really no graceful way out of it. ~s~ The ensuing discussion was hilarious, my favourite moments being :

Hannah : My friend invited me to a swingers' club once. Do you go to those?
Me : Not really. [pause for thought] I mean, it's not like I *don't* sleep with other women's husbands, of course...
[pause while Graham has fit of hysterics]


Hannah : Well, what is it about being scared?
Me : I don't know. Just an adrenaline rush, I guess.
Graham : [after much thought] Couldn't you just...go to a theme park?
Hannah : Yeah, but it would be terribly embarrassing if you came in the middle of a roller coaster ride...

Oh, dear. Tomorrow night's going to be fun. ~sigh~


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