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1) Happy Birthday, the_lady_lily! ~hugs and flowers~

2) And the rest of you what are heading up to Whitby today, have a good one.

3) Yesterday was wonderful - went to the Vivienne Westwood exhibition at the V&A (so many shiny things!) with random_haze, and followed it up with sitting in a cafe talking things out until a dear old man came over, called us "kittens" and expressed his hope that whatever our problem was, we got it sorted. It was...sweet. From there to Charles Fox (which has gone all modern and chrome, which I don't like much) and round Covent Garden and, oh, stuff. It was a beautiful day, despite the rain.

4) I had four or five nightmares last night. Trying to decide whether to write any of them up, and if so, which one, as the memories are all somewhat partial. I hate that, but I think in this case it would be worse to remember them all.
Especially the last one, in which someone exploded a bottle of yellow and green glittery nail varnish in my face just as I was talking to Simon Le Bon...


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