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Why the world doesn't entirely suck.

I've loved Goldfrapp ever since I came across them - which was, coincidentally, as the support band for Duran's European tour back in 2000. Their first album was a very strange sort of electronic concept album thing, with lyrics like "My dog needs new ears"; their second album was much more song-oriented, and utterly gorgeous in every way. I anticipated great things from them live, and I wasn't disappointed.
So you've got a barely visible drummer, a nondescript but excellent bassist, a keyboardist with an enormous lime green feather boa, an electric violinist who looks like a cult priest in a leopardprint robe, and Alison Goldfrapp herself, who looks a bit like this, except that this evening she had a sparkly corset on and was even more stunning. They're playing, well, synthesiser porn, really. It's not like I'm not going to be happy.
Alison Goldfrapp has a truly extraordinary voice, and did interesting things with a theremin. I would like very much to see them again.

Duran Duran were...
Well, you can't really expect me to give an unbiased report on what they were like. I'd like to write something really, really long about this, but I haven't got the energy today and it's unlikely anyone would be terribly interested. So here are the highlights :

* John Taylor's face. Looking out at the huge crowds of people with an expression of "My god...fans."
* The band finally meriting a backing singer and saxophonist again; the saxophonist turning out to be Andy Hamilton, the original saxophonist on Union Of The Snake and everything else.
* The moment when we realised the middle of 'Notorious' had turned into 'We Are Family' by Sister Sledge.
* The video on the screens behind the band which accompanied 'Careless Memories'. It featured anime versions of the boys, defeating aliens and Godzilla using the Power of Music. It was absurdly cute, especially the little anime Nick with eyeliner.
* Simon leading us all in a chant of "Play that funky bass, John."
* The first few unmistakeable sounds at the beginning of what is in fact my favourite song in the entire world ever, 'Tiger Tiger'. It's just a random instrumental off the third album - I can't imagine why they played it. But they did, and I cried, and it was beautiful, and, wow.
* 'Save A Prayer' - Simon coming down to the front and saying "Back in the day, people used to hold up their lighters and wave them, but I know most of you don't smoke now. But you do have mobile phones, so I want you to make your mobile phones light up and wave them - we just want to know you're out there." And then we looked round, and there's the MEN arena, huge and full of tiny lights, all waving in support of the band I originally called "my band" because nobody else wanted them. It was incredible.

Life also doesn't suck because my mother is being sane, because I went to see ghoti and Jon and bjh21 and it was lovely, because I then saw wildeabandon and it was also lovely, and because giolla is great and rang me up last night and was silly at me until I felt better. I also may be seeing Scott today, which would be nice, and I'm seeing ruis on Friday and hopefully dennyd at the weekend. So really, there are lots of reasons life doesn't suck.

Also, I have cross stitch. ~smile~ See you later.

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