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What have I done in the last few days?

Briefly, I have...
...gone to B-Movie, been told things that made me really bouncy, been told things that made me really angry, talked with people I haven't talked to for a while and not talked to people I've been talking with lots, met a lot of lovely new people (most of whom I wanted to pounce but didn't), talked nonsense until ye gods in the morning, got lost on the M1 and ended up in the Peak District, seen Duran Duran and watched Alison from Goldfrapp do interesting things with a theremin, got lost in Manchester and ended up going up the M6 the wrong way, laughed a lot, discussed Godzilla fetishes, visited ghoti, seen wildeabandon, come home.

Tired now, but course tonight, so I can't rest. Especially since really I should have been there all weekend. But I wasn't.

Feeling like I'm going to fly apart again, but I'll write something awfully long when I get back tonight (if I have the energy) and maybe it'll make me feel better.


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