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You can say I've got my head in the clouds...

...I say come up here, the silver linings are pretty.

Today had its bad points, but was mostly good - the stitching I'm doing is already starting to actually look like something, I did washing up and tidying and things and so mum is all impressed with me, I spent time listening to 'Erasure' again (it's a good album I haven't played in far too long) and [caffeine] with giolla was lovely, if rather silly. ~s~

Speaking of 'Erasure', there are two songs on it which feature the most extraordinary vocals - they sound inhuman and I remember being astounded to discover they were actually sung by a person, all the way back in 1997 when I first took notice of the album. That was a long time ago. Today I thought to take a look to see who actually did the vocals - the name hadn't meant anything to me all that time ago.
Diamanda Galas. Figures. ~smile~

Meant to mention that at the weekend we watched the first series of Urban Gothic (which rocked harder than I currently have words for; maybe tomorrow) and Perfect Blue, which is fantastic and surprised me utterly by being anime I didn't want to beat to death with a spoon.

Tsk. Things are good. Depression is annoying, but surmountable. I feel hopeful.


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