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The wind will hide our tracks, clouds will fill our shoes...

Lovely, if occasionally blustery, afternoon spent with Jonathan giggling about things in the Head Of Steam and talking about all sorts of stuff and generally having a Good Time and enjoying one another's company. It's always good to see him, but it was particularly so today.

Then I went and was bad and spent money, but on books, so mother may object less. Just a couple of generic crime novels, but they seem to be what I feel like reading at the moment. (Why am I telling you this? Tsk. LiveJournal.)

So anyway, then onwards to do [caffeine] with giolla, which was also impressively silly. And good. And ever so slightly odd, as these things are wont to be.

And also ow, change in weather gave me a pressure headache which has leaked into a migraine now. And my throat still hurts. So, y'know. Ow. But it was still a very good day.


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