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Meant to post these yesterday

Has she fallen from the sky so heavy of heart?
The sigh was on her tongue, the grief was in her arms;
She will suffer never, I mean her no harm...

She'll come slowly rising on the air
Lift her weightless on the air, on the air

And the silence was enough to shed my guilt
She will always know my wishes, 'cause I remember how it felt...

Kisses slowly rising on the air,
Lift her weightless on the air, on the air

She will suffer never, I mean her no harm...

Which doesn't sound like much but is still one of the most glorious songs I've ever heard. And which was in my head last night until I fell asleep, which was rather a long time. Not a great deal of sleep last night. Coughing and sore throat and ow. I hurt.

Still, woken up mid-morning by a Jonathan in want of some socialising, so I shall do 'lunch' with someone I've not seen in too long and then [caffeine] this evening with giolla. Doing Electric Dreams tonight probably isn't going to happen, though, since I'm all ill and exhausted and stuff.


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