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In which I put up my hand and say...

...I was wrong. About music. Again. (I'll ruin my reputation if this carries on.)

So yesterday we're in the Purple Turtle and between the reggae and the small boys trying to be punk and the truly awful gurn-metal cover of 'Enter Sandman' there's suddenly this song that sounds like Goldfrapp being seduced by a group of guitars (and then thoroughly fucked and thrown out of the hotel room afterwards, no less). And I'm sitting there saying "Oh, that's definitely Phil Oakey's voice. Yes. Must be the thing he did recently. Definitely Phil Oakey."

Oh, the shame of it. I can only blame the speakers.

So what was it? Something by Queens Of The Stone Age, of all people. I mean, I know they're strange and wonderful and capable of some fascinating things, but fooling me into thinking they were Phil Oakey doing vocals on some new guitar-based electroclash thing? I'm impressed. And, well, kind of embarrassed. Heh.

The song's 'Do It Again', if you're curious. It's really quite good. ~s~ Oh well, I suppose I can't get everything right...


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