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Meh. Spent much of this evening having pointless arguments with mother about pointless things, after clearing up the house and making her tea and doing all sorts of things I could have sworn she'd appreciate. Oh well, you know how it is.

Looking forward to seeing katyha tomorrow and [Goths] on Wednesday. Wish I were more tired now, though; my head is full of weird and I can't seem to want to sleep. And my hitting-monsters-with-sticks game has decided to go all strange on me, too, so there's not even much point playing that until four in the morning...~s~

The fantastic weekend I just had keeps fading in and out of reality in my memory - it was so good I can't seem to hang onto it, and then every now and again it comes back just enough for me to wish it were happening again. Sigh.

Oh, well, none of you need to hear this, anyway.


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