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Dreams Of Reason Produce Monsters

Meh. Dreams full of nicemares last night, so painful I don't want to write them up in detail; waiting in a doctor's surgery and running into Ben from prep school and ending up resolving everything with him ("You've always had this...this place. In my heart." - yes, the men in my dreams talk in cliches, too), and then elsewhere checking LiveJournal to find people writing literally impossibly sweet things - things that were so unlikely that I realised it was a dream and woke up. ~s~

Don't quite know what to do with myself this week - snow_leopard is away so I can't make up for cancelling our evening *this* week, and apart from the G:TM party this weekend it's all looking a little sad, really. Ideas, anyone? Can't promise I'll take you up on them (or that my mother will let me) but still...


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