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Lock me in delight awhile

Ah, sleep. That's what it feels like. ~smile~ Although it was full of slightly odd dreams - Morpheus is being funny again - most of which I wish I couldn't remember. Bah, stupid unrequited blah blah stupid blah.

dennyd is coming to entertain me today ~bounce~ and then to the Ballroom, where there will be many many people and probably quite a lot of cleavage. I'm very much looking forward to tonight. It should be interesting.

Course last night was mostly good, and now it's all over bar the work towards the final show, which is going to have me busy on occasional weekends - when I know which those are I'll warn you, in case I'm meant to be doing anything with any of you.

Mostly recovered from other Stuff, too, but apologies nonetheless to anyone I was meepish and weird at last night on ICQ.


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