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Things that have amused me in the past 24 hours :

Chris, on the phone last night. Among the more bizarre comments :

"See, now I've just got this image of you as a vibrating courgette-coloured gerbil."

"Transparent dangling squirrels in pinstripe weasel suits, and they've got chopsticks through their heads, and they're complaining about it."

"Well, would *you* care about a robber with dermatitis?"

"Good Lecturers Who Eat Brie."

My mum and me, on the phone yesterday :

Me : Dad's been being a complete bastard all day.
Mum : At least you don't have to sleep with him.
Me : ~hysterics~
Mum : You are going to forget I said that, aren't you?

An internet personage :


1.1: Who is Krycheck?
I don't know.

1.2: Who is Krycek?
Alex Krycek is a recurring character on the Fox television series "The X-Files."...

The same net person :

When someone writes... They actually mean...

Krychek - I enjoy various types of cheese.
Krycheck - Vacation in Mongolia?
Krichek - We find you small.
Kricheck - I fear the moles in the ground.
Crycheck - Have you any furry carrots?
Crycek - Bite the left tongue!
Crychek - Every rug hits the wall.
Crichique - J'ai moi.
Kryek - I borrowed your lawn mower.
Kriechek - Could you bury my clam?
Kryacheck - June brings ape-like postcards.
Kriecheek - Dusty bugs under glass?
Kreechick - Watching the roll, I bought.
Crycheek - Find me that earring man! (Possibly true, atch -Ed.)
Kyk - Did the Peeps buy bulk?
That Rat Bastard - I understand little English, parakeet!
Mulder - I like new brains.


Oh, and I found another lyric that describes me (no, really) - "She wants to be a photograph." -from She's So Modern by the Boomtown Rats. Whodathought? They were punk! Well, well.


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