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Still shiny.

Last night was a bit strange, although good to see giolla looking more like himself than he has been, and I came away with a fair stack of CD cases, which is always useful. Talked to all sorts of people last night, as well - daemongirl, I think your ICQ was playing up, I promise I wasn't ignoring you! - including duncanneko, which was nice and interesting and mostly consisted of "Mew!", as these things do.

random_haze is wonderful and has been making me smile a lot, so I thought I'd say thank you for that, too. ~smile~ ~bounce~

What else? Not looking forward to going home to Sussex for the weekend, but mostly because it means I can't make it to B-Movie - things with my parents shouldn't be too bad. I hope. And I should be able to bring a few things I've been missing back with me, as well.

Odd nightmares last night about people on my course becoming zombies, and us having to impromptu-bless glitter gel pens and fish-knives to get holy weapons to fight them off with, and then about driving down Oxford Street on my own at ye gods in the morning and passing a small country house, outside which was a horrible accident, in which my mum had lost a hand. Strange.

I appear to still be sort of happy. This is good.


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