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Well...~waves hands around~

Well, this entry was supposed to be one in which I meeped about my dad being a fuckwit and things being generally not fair, but then Smash Hits (of 1982) amused me and Newsround (of today) ran a HP interview feature and I reread a conversation (of last night) and...well. It's not so bad, it's not so bad.

HARRY POTTER! OMG....they ran a Hermione interview and now I think she's perfect for the role...and then...and then they showed one line of Ron talking and I was, like, "YEAH!" and then...oh there are just going to be *slashy* moments! Yay!
And hey, you, I might end up fighting with you over Daniel Radcliffe. ~sigh~

Quote from Smash Hits 1982, which none of you are going to understand :

" I can spot a New Order single a mile off. Just keep an eye out for an expensive-looking sleeve that *doesn't* say New Order anywhere on it and you're halfway there. (We were thinking of doing a New Order poster magazine at one time - it was going to be baked inside a cake and only available to residents of the Channel Islands.)"

Tee hee.

And you like my tapes...(I take it)...yay.

~smiles~ Recorded TOTP2 while I was away and was highly entertained to watch it this morning; finally *finally* got to hear The Passions' 'I'm In Love With A German Film Star' ("It's a glamorous world..." Oh, yes.) and laughed - a LOT - at Tight Fit. I wonder when the world would have realised they were a bad ABBA drag act...

Love you. Very much.


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