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And katyha's version of that meme...

1. I'm going to be late for my singing lesson from sitting here doing this.
2. I would like to be in several places at once this coming Friday.
3. Mixed herbs should be banned from everything. Absolutely everything.
4. It's been far too long since I saw dennyd.
5. I feel very guilty about the cathartic goth porn.
6. It was only because he thought I ought to hear the song. Rinse. Repeat.
7. I wish the girl next to me's phone wouldn't keep going off every. two. minutes.
8. I can't bear what they're doing to Full Tilt.
9. I really want [name removed to protect the innocent] to [censored] me. Sigh.
10. Is the next book going to be as good, or as harrowing, as that one was?
11. Where has my poetry muse vanished off to, anyway?
12. Scott has very sharp nails. Ow.

Feel very down, for reasons I can't explain and reasons I could but don't really need to. Lonely, tired, bored, stressed, whine, whine, whine.

Ah well.


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