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Calling and things.

The Calling was mostly extremely good. Got attacked by angst bunnies once, but only once, and there were many more good things than bad. Stroked lots by olithered, who is lovely, and hugged lots by ghoti and wildeabandon, and indeed until I squeaked by nisaba and melston...good music, not quite enough dancing, lots of beautiful people, No Angst Over Vince...yeah, it was a good night. ~bounce~

Now Sorting yet more Things Out at ghoti's; it's all good. Spent much of this morning looking round music channels to see what I've been missing - Melissa Auf Der Maur has a new band with a *wonderful* song, the Britney video doesn't remotely do justice to the music, and general dance music seems to be on an upswing at the moment. Music++

In fact, life generally++. Happy kitten. Yay!

I wanted everyone last night, though. Well, nearly everyone.
And, Camgoths - is it wrong of me to laugh when I see Nick Bird dancing to 'Teenage Vampire'? ~grin~

Love and stuff,

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