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Stuff and Cambridge things.

Tsk. You Camgoths had better be grateful. I've turned down one of the best invitations I've ever had in order to come and party with you and your angst. ~g~ Oh well, there's always a next time...right?

Speaking of upcoming Cambridge visit, I still have no plans at all for this Friday or Saturday daytime. Anyone? Anything?

Film last night was...good more for the reasons I went than for the reasons one should think a film is good. I'm not worried about spoilering for anyone, since the posters say "swearing and violence" on them; but boy, they really don't lie. More swearing than felt entirely natural, and more violence (of a particularly English kind) than I was comfortable with watching. But Luke Goss rocks hard (except for the moments, which I defy you not to have, where one says to oneself "Bloody hell, it's Luke Goss!") and is convincing enough that I paid little or no intellectual attention to the film because I was so busy going "Meep...accent...suit...violence...thud."

I may still be doing that a little. ~s~

I had very weird nightmares last night. It was like a vegetarian retelling of Little Shop Of Horrors - this family had got landed with a sentient plant and mistakenly fed it aubergine, which made it grow and menace their children and things. But really all it wanted was more aubergine.
I fear my subconscious.


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