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Schedule type thing.

Partly for my own benefit and partly in case anyone in Cambridge suddenly decides they want to see me next week...

Friday 13th Pub, briefly, then B-Movie. Bounce.
Sat 14th dennyd
Sun 15th dennyd, I assume
Mon 16th Free, but stuck in London.
Tues 17th Singing lesson then to Cambridge for The Calling. Yay!
Weds 18th Seeing devalmont in the afternoon, evening may be free or may be seeing wildeabandon.
Thurs 19th Lunch with rathenar, evening at robinbloke's.
Fri 20th Free all day and evening as things stand.
Sat 21st Free during the day, lzz's party in the evening.
Sun 22nd Recover. :) And home, probably.

I'm not sure where I'm staying in Cambridge - wildeabandon, will it still be ok to crash at yours, or should I start asking other people?

Dreading the course tonight - absolutely dreading it. Never mind eh. It can't last longer than the three hours it lasts.

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