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...I'm being somewhat unfair. Bits of last night were fun. And being at the pub was mostly great, although I ended up hurting myself for not being attractive enough, again. Must stop this, it doesn't help with the not being attractive. ~s~

Ballroom, though? Well, there was a dear young man who was a wonderful dancer, though I had to keep checking to make sure he was serious. But I think he was. And there were two beautiful boys who go to Electric Dreams from time to time (one of them is Avon; I must find out who the other one is). Also, there was surprise stalkage in the form of the Anti-Steve. This was good.

There was also Scott, who spent the whole night in the centre of a crisis of some kind, which meant I didn't get to talk to him, which was a shame. Then there was a sad little man (not even particularly unattractive, just, y'know. Short hair and no attitude whatsoever to back it up) who tried it on with me, and was so shocked when I told him I had two partners that I almost felt sorry for him. Right up to the point where he groped me on the dancefloor. I stood on him - hard. That's what boots are for.
The music wasn't great for the most part, but when it was - 'Open Up' by Leftfield, 'Cowgirl' by Underworld (where is robinbloke when we need him?) and, unbelievably, 'Ebenezer Goode' - I felt out of place dancing because in my absence everyone seems to have suddenly decided to dress up. So next time I will be full corset and swirly skirt, I don't care if it's impractical. I felt huge and ugly half the time, and sick because of the random guy watching me the other half. Not so good. So I hurt myself some more. Still not so good.

Ah well. Better luck next time.

And I certainly haven't had enough sleep, but that's ok. And - did I mention that this album is *really* good?


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