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Music meme from various people

1. What are your favourite romantic/"love" songs? how about anti-"love" songs?
Love songs -

'Missing', Arcadia
'Love Song For A Vampire', Annie Lennox
'Take Of Me', Alison Moyet
'We Could Leave Right Now', The Oysterband
'Just Like Heaven', The Cure
'The Garden', John Foxx
...actually, there's probably about one per artist. But those are the first to come to mind.

Anti-love songs -

'Stigmata', Ministry
'You Oughta Know', Alanis Morissette
'Deep Red', Apoptgyma Berzerk
And in a way, 'Closer' by NIN and 'Beloved' by VNV Nation. Again, as ever, among *many* others.

2. What was the last song that you heard? did you sing along?
Currently listening to 'History (Timeless Decay mix)' by Funker Vogt. Not singing along because I wouldn't know where to start.

3. what are your favourite t.v. theme songs?
robinbloke has the right of it with cartoons and things, I think - Thundercats, Bucky O'Hare (though mostly for the memories), Jem and the Holograms, and I have at the back of my mind a desperate urge to hear again the theme tune to the Samurai Pizza Cats. I loved that show - way, way back when.
Also the Peter Pan And The Pirates that was showing when I was young, also The Girl From Tomorrow (also mostly for the memories), also Century Falls, also the theme from Parallel 9 - and I'll bet nobody else remembers those.
Oh, and Round The Twist. Obviously.

4. what are your favourite movie soundtracks?
Labyrinth, Velvet Goldmine, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Wedding Singer, and probably Legend (if I had it) and LotR : RotK (ditto).

5. what songs remind you of adolescence?
Well, I'm still in it. Let's think. For songs that actually came out around then, rather than the ones I was going out of my way to discover...
'Cloud No. 9', Bryan Adams. 'Iris', Goo Goo Dolls. 'Blow My Whistle, Bitch', DJ Alligator (don't ask). Everything by The Smashing Pumpkins. Hmm. It's difficult - mostly songs from my last two years at Roedean. Before that I was paying very little attention to things that were coming out at the time...

6. what is your favourite album cover?
Oh, goodness. Could be The Anvil by Visage, or The Garden by John Foxx; the gorgeous Sulk by The Associates, or the Stephen Sprouse-like Cheapness & Beauty by Boy George. Gary Numan's beautiful Berserker cover. Or 'I Say I Say I Say' by Erasure, not linked because you couldn't see the thing I like most about it - the tiny tiny cartoon figures of Erasure. I've always been quite fond of 'Reproduction' by The Human League, as well.
Thing is, though, I like all those simply for how beautiful they are. I can only think of one album cover that's made me go "Oh, that's good!" - but I didn't like it. That said, it's Performance And Cocktails by The Stereophonics.
But there are lots more I like just for being, well, pretty. :)

7. what was the first album you bought? do you still own it?
The first album I remember buying for myself was probably the compilation Drivetime 4, which I've certainly still got. If it wasn't that it was The [best/greatest] 80s Album In The World...Ever! And I've certainly still got that, as well.

8. what are your favourite songs to dance to (can be dancing alone songs, too)?
Oh, goodness. I love dancing to, well, everything. But.
'Closer' by Nine Inch Nails, and likewise 'Satisfaction' by Benny Benassi and 'Sex Dwarf' by Leaether Strip, because it's like sex, only I don't have to find someone else to agree to it first. 'Stigmata' by Ministry because I can get so much rage out dancing to that - same goes for 'Oxyacetylene' to an extent. 'This Is The New Shit' by Marilyn Manson is great fun to dance to.
'Tar' by Visage for its blatant invitation to be as pretentious as I can possibly manage. 'Friday I'm In Love' by The Cure because it's fun; 'New Gold Dream' and 'Theme For Great Cities' by Simple Minds because I like moving to them; 'Lucretia My Reflection' and 'Temple Of Love '92' because I'm a big goth blouse; 'All She Wants Is' and the live version of 'Planet Earth' by Duran Duran.
But it's all good.

9. what songs do you most typically choose from a jukebox?
I've only used a jukebox once in my life. I'm not keen on the things.

10. if you had to make a song list for your funeral, what would you want included to sum up your life, so to speak?
'Strange Little Girl', The Stranglers.
'Girl', Tori Amos.
'Save A Preyer', Duran Duran.
'Beloved', VNV Nation.
'After Rain', Oysterband.

11: What song reminds you of your first love?
If we're assuming that was Tom Woolvett when I was seven, then either the Bucky O'Hare theme tune or a sea shanty called 'Whip Jamboree'. If it wasn't him, I don't really know who it was, so I couldn't tell you.

12: What song reminds you of your last/present love?
Which one?
I forsee another "Which songs remind me of which LJ friends" list...

13: What song reminds you of the best night out you've ever had?
Probably 'Eloise' by The Damned; the first song I danced to, at The Calling, the first one where Vince talked to me and the one that moomintroll was at.

Course tonight was as bad as last week - I came away bruised and scarred. Yay. Scott texted to cancel seeing me tomorrow. Yay. People found ways to suck even harder. Yay.

Still, though, ~hugs~ to the people who need them far more than me. Thinking of you.


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