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Playing at selectsmart....

AAAARGH! I'm LOUIS!!!!! ~dies of utter shame~
Mind you, then I'm Lest and then I'm Nicki. I rock. ~g~
And everyone loves Louis, at least.

~ggls~ And I quote :
# 1 Vanyel
# 2 Talia
# 3 Tylendel/Stefen
# 4 Firesong
It got better....I didn't get that total utter fuckwit An'desha until #11....~ggls~

HEE! And once again :
# 1 Lord Havelock Vetinari
# 2 Commander Samuel Vimes
# 3 Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson
# 4 Sergeant Delphine Angua
# 5 Constable Dorfl
# 6 Lady Sybil Ramkin
# 7 Sergeant Detritus
# 8 Willikins
# 9 Constable Downspout
# 10 Constable Buggy Swires
# 11 Corporal Cheri Littlebottom
# 12 Constable Reg Shoe
# 13 Sergeant Frederick Colon
# 14 Constable Visit-The-Infidel-With-Explanatory-Pamphlets
# 15 Corporal C. W. St. J. Nobbs
I ROCK, MAN! ~ggls~ ~bows~ ~waves cane about~ ~giggles MORE~


Who else am I? ~flicks through categories~

~is seriously traumatised~
I do NOT want to admit this.
I'm Skinner.
At least I'm Alex second.
What did I do wrong?


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