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But mum, it was *scary*!

I'm crouched in the grass, only taking my eyes from the lion to throw the hard plastic toys out of my way - weird creatures with exaggerated features that laugh as they disappear into the toybox - disappear, but don't stop moving. The lion is calm, waiting. He expects a challenge from me, but not from the small furry creatures of unknown provenance. Yet it is they that speak up, challenging him. He laughs; his trainers laugh; the audience laugh. The small furry things will be ripped to shreds. But they are laughing as well. "You would go up against one of us?" they ask the lion incredulously. "But it's so -"

"easy", I think they are going to say. They only get as far as the "E", though - a horrible, elongated screech as they are all twisted in upon themselves and they snap and are scattered, bloody, over the entire garden.

I wake up quickly, of course, because the noise was the wretched carpenter drilling through the wall next to me, but I wish I could, on writing it out, pinpoint why it terrified me so much. It sounds so silly.

It was so horrible.
I hate nightmares. I admire Morpheus for his inventiveness with them, but I still hate them. That said, it's better than the alternative.

Anyway, yet more people (for god's sake, who are they all?) and singing lesson and the course tonight - I should survive. Pub tomorrow night, I rather imagine - I hope to see some of you there. I don't really know what I'm doing with my weekend other than going to ajva's party on Saturday evening - suggestions welcome. (By this I mean the actual weekend, not tomorrow night, when I am coming Home to go to Sleep...)


Still scared. I hate nightmares.

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