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Interview Meme IV

(I know I still owe people questions, but my brain's not generating them at the moment - sorry. I'll get to it.)

From rathenar

1) Would you dance with the devil if he asked you for a dance?
Yes, of course - if it was just a dance. :) I could argue that I already have, of course - any number of the people I've danced with could count. But, as I say, if it was just a dance, then yes. I'd dance with anyone if it was just a dance...

2) The gods have agreed to let you light a new star for everyone you love, and you can design a constellation to arrange them in. What would your new constellation be?
Oooh. Shiny. :)
Given the sketchiness of the existing constellations ("Oh, look, there are two stars there, and one over there, and three over here. What d'you reckon?" "Looks like a lesser spotted pangolin to me, guv." "Are you sure it's not a goat?" "Yeah, I suppose it could be." I mean, what?) I could have almost anything I wanted, really, but I suppose it would have to be a cat - in some way, anyway. I'm not sure how it would work, but then, I'm not sure how the damn things work anyway.
Or maybe a waterfall of stars. Is that too tacky?

3) Have you ever been really, truly alone? Would you ever want to be?
Yes, I have - but only once that I can remember. Once when I was at school and planning to commit suicide I sat down with my characters and told them all goodbye, and watched them all leave. And that's as alone as I've ever been - I never really want to touch that again.
I've *felt* that alone since - when things went horribly wrong with giolla the October before last, and some of the times when dennyd had his accident - but I've never actually been it, I don't think. I just called on the wrong people.

4) If you sing when no-one's listening, does it feel the same as singing when they are?
Sometimes. It depends what you mean by "listening" - if they're just sitting with me and I happen to be singing, then it's mostly the same as when I'm singing to myself. Obviously if I'm actually performing then it feels completely different.

5) You've been invited to write the story for an opera in which you will sing the female lead. Give me a summary of the plot and describe the character you would design for yourself.
Goodness. Well, I think I'd have to write the prequel to Don Giovanni, and be one of his women - I don't really care which one, I just want to be seduced by the one of the greatest rakes in fictional history. ~grin~ Plot? Erm...probably not, no. :)

From fluffymormegil

1. Turning about: Where and when would you want to live?
I just can't imagine wanting to live anywhere other than England, but I suppose if one went back a few centuries I might rather live in a big house in the country than in London. I've currently got something of a preoccupation with Victorian London, but that's all mr_flay's fault and I don't think I'd really want to spend my whole life there. So, either a big country house in the 18th century, or London in the late 70s/early 80s, of course.

2. What's your happiest memory?
I don't really have happy memories. That's not strictly speaking true, but I don't have many - I have sad memories of good things. The happy memories I do have are of things done with dennyd and wechsler, and they're still happy because nothing awful has happened with them yet. Everything else that's good ends up as a sad memory because I'll never get it back. ~shrug~ I know this isn't ideal as a way to deal with life, but I haven't yet worked out how else to do it...

3. It's midnight, and the DJ is playing the perfect New Year's Eve set as the new year rolls in. What's he playing?
Oh, goodness. What kind of club? How much of the set do you want? Or just the perfect song for midnight? Which year? Meep! ~falls over~
At a New Romantic club, my ideal New Year song would either be 'Europa And The Pirate Twins' by Thomas Dolby or 'New Moon On Monday' by Duran Duran. At a goth club, probably 'Dazzle' by Siouxsie or maybe 'Friday I'm In Love' by The Cure...I don't know. ~gestures~ Too many songs!

4. What should leather feel like?
~tilts head~ Do you really mean what should it feel like? Because I always thought it felt much like it ought to, except that you ought to be able to sink your fingers into it more...

5. What question would I ask you here if I'd asked you the question you want me to ask?
Oh, I didn't have anything specific in mind that I'd have wanted *you* to ask, though the "Design x compilation for yourself" question I've been throwing at people would be fun to do, I guess. I just like being asked questions. Yes, because it means I get to talk about myself. Of course. :)

From ladycat

1. I think you're gorgeous, but you always deny it. If you could look like anybody, who would you choose and why?
[Obligatory squeaking and thank you and denials.] Hmm. It's hard, because I know so many beautiful people, but ideally...moomintroll.
No, I'm serious! If you were wanting me to choose someone female then it's much harder, and you did say 'anybody'...

2. You're going to hate me for this, but: choose at least 3 things about your physical self which you don't mind, and might even like :)
~smile~ Oh, no, there are things about myself that I don't mind. I like my hair a lot, when it's behaving itself, and enough people have said extraordinary things about my eyes lately that I feel justified in always having quite liked them...and...um...I quite like my hands, although I wish they were smaller so I could find gloves to fit. :)
It's not all bad. Only the bits under the clothes. Which is, after all, what the clothes are for.

3. What is your happiest memory of a) Childhood b) Being a teenager?
Well, in part, see response to fluffymormegil above. But I know what you mean, so I'll try... Childhood, my happiest memory might be one of my earliest birthday parties (I was treated like such a princess!) or maybe when I came home from school and mum said "Will you still love me if I'm a Dame?" I was so incredibly proud of her. :)
As for being a teenager, it was hell on toast pretty much until sometime last year, so it's much more difficult. Can I choose the entire experience of being involved with dennyd and wechsler? I don't really know what else to say - nearly all the things that I see as far back enough to constitute memories are just...awful. :)

4. How did you grow your hair so long?! *envy*
~grin~ This is just its natural length - it's in pretty awful condition at the moment, to be painfully honest. But I never did anything special to it. It just sort of grew. It would be longer if it had stayed as straight as it once was...

5. What song/piece of music/artwork/creation do you experience and think 'I wish I'd done that'?
Oh, gosh. Without wanting to take the achievement away from the creators...for a song, almost anything by Tori Amos - because she writes my life, and if I could write music it would probably come out like that. I don't know about a piece of music - Ravel's 'Bolero' perhaps - and artwork is hard because I absolutely cannot draw, so I envy everything. Perhaps especially things like this (Leighton's 'The Accolade' if you're on a browser as slow as mine) because it's what's in my head, damn it, and I can't get it onto paper. Oh, and Sandman, of course, for similar reasons.
As for other creations, well, I'd love to be able to make clothes, as well - and I'm sure it doesn't take three guesses to see where that leads me. :)


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