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Interview meme part II

1. Describe your favourite dream, the one you look back on with most pleasure
I'm not sure I can. The ones that stay with me are *odd*, yes, but not anything I look back on with pleasure at the dreaming of them - only really at the retelling. I like the look on people's faces when I explain the revolutionary fish dream to them, but the dream itself wasn't that much fun. The other dreams that stay with me are nightmares, and I'm not keen on remembering those, either.
I guess the ones I keep with me and always smile at are the ones in which I've randomly ended up in bed with people I'm never likely to randomly end up in bed with. It's never people it hurts to think about in that context, and it always leaves me feeling very safe and warm when I wake up.
Shallow, I know. :)

2. If you could become a man, would you?
Two years ago I'd have said 'yes' without a doubt. Now, no, I don't think so - not if it were to be permanent and I couldn't choose what I looked like. And if I could choose what I looked like, I'd choose to look like dennyd, and there's already one of those in the world and he does it better than I would. ~s~

3. What was the last book you read and loved, and would you recommend it to me?
The last book I read and really liked - rather than just finding it interesting (as with Bill Bryson's excellent 'A Short History Of Nearly Everything') was probably one of the 'No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Books', which I think was called 'Tears Of The Giraffe'. It's light, but I'd absolutely recommend it to you - it's lovely, exquisitely simple and beautiful, and fun, and just generally good. I didn't *love* it, but the last book I read and *loved* was 'Fox Evil' by Minette Walters, and I stole that off your bookshelves. :)

4. Games. Love them or hate them? (Mind and otherwise, here)
Love them. Often scared to play them, especially when it's a new game to me in front of people who've played it often before. But I love them. Love mind games as long as I know they're happening - otherwise it just feels like I'm being humiliated for someone else's entertainment, and, well, just, no. Love board games - even loved school games lessons sometimes; a lot depended on the company and the teachers, but I quite enjoyed the actual sports. Games are good.

5. What colour is happiness? pain? anger? fear?
I think these things are different colours for different people, but for me, happiness is the colour of sunlight (but not yellow), pain is usually dark red/black and sometimes green, anger is always red, and fear is a sort of blue-grey. I think.


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