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Interview meme

I know I've not said much about what's going on in my life at the moment, but a lot of it's not great - just in physical ways I don't really want to get into, rather than emotional ways people could actually help with. I'll be better soon.

In the meantime, interview questions from the lovely moomintroll ...

1. You have very wide musical tastes - and in particular, you know a lot about classical music. Is classical music a 'higher' form of art than 'pop' - or was Mozart the Thom Yorke or Robbie Williams of his day?
I have had this argument with my parents many, many times - I don't believe that classical music is any 'higher' a form of art. I think that often (largely because of their length) pieces of instrumental classical music are more complex than pop music; I also think that many of the people who believe classical to be 'better' in some way have heard a lot of classical music from varied genres, but only been exposed to hugely mainstream chart pop, usually by accident. I think we can all agree that most of the time, what's in the charts isn't actually the best that's out there (although I don't look down on mainstream pop nearly as much as some people I know.) I could go on about this for ages, but it mostly comes down to the fact that for me, art of all kinds should do one of two things - either to move (not necessarily to move *me*, since people have such different experiences that obviously different things are going to move them) or to be as hugely self-indulgent as the artist can manage. In both classical music and pop (and all the related genres) there are hundreds of pieces that do one or other (or indeed both), and hundreds of others that are derivative, bland, and motivated by commercial greed. There's probably *more* of the latter now, because the music industry is such a lucrative one, but I have as little time for people exploiting that kind of thing in classical music as in pop.
~deep breath~ Sorry. Like I said. No.
Oh, but. I think Mozart was much closer to Britney, relatively speaking.

2. I don't know a lot about classical music - but I like lots of gothy/industrially/synthpop-y music. Recommend something classical for me to listen to (preferably something I can buy cheaply or download for free)
Hmm. 'Scheherezade' by Rimsky-Korsakov, perhaps, or - I'd say 'The Planets' but you're probably as sick to death of hearing parts of it as everyone else seems to be. I'm actually less well up on real classical music than you seem to think - I know a lot about opera (which really has to be seen to be enjoyed, but you already know Don Giovanni :)
and song (which I don't know whether you like/would like), but I'm a bit useless at classical instrumental stuff. Sorry...

3. Which is better - ecstatic and devastated in turns, or reasonably contented all the time?
Heh, you've got me there. I've never experienced the latter. I'd imagine I'd like it, but I think I'd probably miss the extremes if it all changed *now*. If I could start again I'd probably rather be reasonably contented all the time, but I know I'd have missed out on a lot of things. As things stand, I'll stick with the extremes and carry on trying to learn to manage them better.

4. Who has taught you the most important lessons in your life?
My friends, and enemies. Although I'm not sure I could name many of those lessons, or express them in words. One or two people have together taught me that I deserve better than that; Vince (in Cambridge) taught me that it's ok to dance; some sweet blue-eyed goth taught me that life is always like this. Various people have taught me many far less tangible ones.

5. If you could create, repeal or change one law tomorrow, what would it be?
Hmm. I just don't know enough about the laws of this country to be able to come up with anything. Instinctively I'd say I'm sure there's at least something still wrong with the way the legal system handles BDSM-related matters, but since I don't actually know *what*, I couldn't say what I'd alter. Sorry, I am uninformed.

You all know how the interview meme works, right? If you'd like some inspired and faintly bizarre questions from me, leave a comment and I'll do what I can. I might ask for questions in return, though. I like questions.

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