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And Then The Piano Fell On My Head #2.

...except then of course, my mother showed up and decided we'd have a "Best Of 2003" argument - i.e. we'd go over all the things we argued to death last year, while I was getting ready to go to the course. I sat and cried wearily at her without actually entering into the argument - it just wasn't worth what little energy I had. She's here tomorrow night - but I'm not, so, good.

Yes, angst, I know. I'm sorry. I'm a bit of an exhausted wreck just now. I am expecting the trip to Cambridge to help (is this insanity?) and the course tonight was really very good, so it's good to think that it might become something to look forward to again, rather than to dread.

In other news, I am such a whore. I shall write poetry about this at some point in the near future, or so my muse is telling me. Apparently I feel sufficiently bad about it that it deserves rhyming angst. Well.



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