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Another one from the depths of Chiriko's LJ...

What's your favorite song with "Sunday" in the title?: "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "Sunday Morning Call", "Tell Me On A Sunday". Possibly.
What's your favorite kind of sundae?: I don't like them.
Is it a sunny day where you are?: Nah.
Have you left the house yet today?: Yep. To go to main school.
Where did you go?: Ritch's study, where I promptly collapsed into a chair and wrote out lyrics for three and a half hours. ~g~
What's something you were planning on doing today but probably won't get around to?: Writing that wretched essay.
What's in your CD player right now?: Duran Duran "Thank You", asrana's "Guitar-Based Songs/Slower Uplifting Stuff" tape.
What sort of decorations do you have on your walls?: Very little atm. Couple of Hedwig posters. Notes from May.
Last CD/vinyl/tape you purchased: Britney's single. ~ggls a lot~ Eep.
Last music you listened to: "Dream Kitchen", Frazier Chorus.
Last show you went to: Probably one of mum's.
Last thing you watched on television: Eh...a bit of Neighbours.
Last thing you ate: Some Doritos. Yay!
Last item of clothing you bought: Fuck knows, I never buy clothes.
Last thing you said: ROFLMFAO@chiriko's answer. Um. What did I last say? Oh - "...and so she said 'best use of household appliances?'"
Last person you saw: Tasha ----->
Last time you felt scared: Eh...earlier when I thought I was gonna faint 'cause I was breathing too deep when I was singing and I was already tired.
Last time you cried: Yesterday.
Last time you said you were sorry: Today.
Last time you got into a fight: Not for a couple of days. (Come on, Annabel, bring it on, bitch!)
Last time you lied: I dunno. Today?
Last person you kissed: ...you know who you are.
Friendly cheek kiss? Mum.
Last time you said "I love you": Today, to asrana, and to Nick.
Last time you felt inspired: This morning when I realised I had three and a half hours.
Last person you emailed: Mum.
Last movie you saw: Hedwig.
Last wish: To meet Nick and tell him I love him. Or something.
Last words: "John...he does love you..."


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