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And then the piano fell on my head, your honour. I don't remember anything else.

Getting to things too late sucks, as does not knowing whether it would have made a difference even if you'd got to them sooner.

This is not a good way to wake up, but at least today I feel like I've actually left Cambridge, rather than yesterday when bits of it were still clinging to me (or possibly vice versa).

Don't you just hate it when people tell you you'd look so good with someone you can't have? I'm so damn sick of that. Not like I think I'd look good with *anyone*, but, I mean, really. And you're standing there saying "But they're not interested!" and either people don't seem to understand that that makes a difference, or they believe that because you'd apparently look good together they *must* be interested. Yes. Right. Of course. Because that's how shallow it all is, and of course they agree with you that we'd look good together.

Why do I never give up on the most lost causes?

"You move into my line of fire
Move into my line of fire
I need to know
I need to see you
Move into my line of fire

I'm gonna break you
I'm gonna make you pay
I'm gonna break you
I'm gonna make -
Your beauty on my skin
Like oxyacetylene
Steel yourself for me

The weather's cold the news is grim
I'm under pressure
I won't give in
There's blood on the windows
And ice on the sheets
You'd better steel yourself...give in."



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