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Meme idea stolen from Trishpiglet since I can't sleep...

...having come down with whatever is going around at the moment.

It was the first time I'd ever gone over and talked to anyone I didn't know.

I barely noticed and then later thought dr_d was you, sort of.

I scared you by knowing who you were.

The combined knowledge that you were utterly not my type and that I was ridiculously attracted to you scared me away. :)

You were new and looked more interesting than most of the others.

You were an absolute angel to me, with the help of faerierhona.

I didn't so much go ~thud~ as fall over very, very slowly, and then spend the entire evening wishing I could take you in my arms like everyone else was.

I was in it to find out who your sidekick was.

I could see what was going on even if you couldn't.

I was so excited to meet you that I probably didn't manage to say very much.

I couldn't believe someone so beautiful wanted to introduce themselves to me.

I promised you a shirt which I still haven't given you.

dennyd heard you coming and teased me a lot.

I thought you were the cutest thing in the world ever.

I was paralysed by how shy you were; I'm sorry.

I was instantly shamed by how ladylike you were, and felt utterly coarse and common for the whole weekend. What a pity nobody was in a position to take advantage of it. :)

I didn't realise how gorgeous you were, and thought ghoti was talking about someone else.

I hardly realised who you were, and then you put that mask on and it all made sense.

I thought "That's not him, he doesn't look anything like him!"

I introduced myself on your request as the girl who'd been admiring your legs at Slimelight.

I'm sure I talked a lot of nonsense because I was so terrified - well, start as you mean to go on.

We talked for a long time, but I'm damned if I can remember what about.

I had no idea whether you were male or female or wearing a skirt or a dress or trousers or what.

It took me ages to work out who you were - I only managed it in the car on the way back.

I'd been wanting to meet you for ages, but I hope nobody told you that.

You kissed my hand and doomed yourself to be the object of a very quiet crush.

You bounced.

I thought you were the sexiest dancer I'd seen in ages.

I didn't get it, until I saw your eyes.

You shook my hand very shyly and disappeared, never to be seen again.

I was tired and being rushed into introductions with a lot of people, so I didn't talk nearly as much as I'd have liked to.

You put his back up and thus mine, unfortunately. I think we've done better since then.

I was amused by your trying it on with my best friend.

You terrified me so much I still don't think I've ever dared speak to you.

You scared me by knowing who I was.

I didn't know who you were, and later assumed you'd been katyha.

I didn't quite get it, until I'd been talking to you for two minutes and realised I wanted to be there for you for the rest of my life.

You said nice things about my breasts corset. :)

You were dressed as a cat and absurdly pretty.

We were at Cambridge station and I suddenly knew what she meant.

I was attracted to you instantly even though you could hardly get further from my type - I blame the dancing.

I was very intimidated by you.

I thought "He doesn't belong in a goth club!"

I doubtless thought you were very beautiful.

You were desperately unhappy and I didn't know you at all and couldn't help.

I'd dressed up and everything. You gave me a comic.

I recognised someone with whom I would get on extremely well.

I didn't really know what to say to you, but then, I wasn't in a state to know what to say to anyone at the time.

I had wildeabandon come and hold my hand because I was so shy.

I didn't really register you until you started talking about bondage tape.

You got me to like 'Save A Prayer' again.

I tried very hard not to be jealous, and succeeded completely, thank goodness.

I thought "I wish I could get away with wearing something like that."

I thought you were nineteen.

You were painfully shy, but quite astoundingly pretty.

I liked your cigarettes - I'd never seen cloves before - and wondered why nobody had warned me you were that beautiful.

You were the only one not to believe the rumours.

I thought you were definitely, categorically gay.

You fulfilled all my mental stereotypes of the other kind of gay man.

I didn't mind you interrupting me kissing my boyfriends in the middle of Whitby.

I hadn't previously realised anyone I knew had that many piercings.

I wanted so, so badly to tell you everything that had happened to me. But I didn't.

You were every bit as gorgeous as I'd been led to believe, but much more, erm, human.

I nodded and moved on, but I'd gone specifically to stalk someone else, so - my mistake.

I was unnerved by your cheerfulness, though I can't think why.

I asked you what you thought of what I was wearing, and your noncommittal response began an obsession with dressing well for you that continues to this day.

You were every bit as beautiful as I was expecting, but much smaller.

I was very impressed by your dress sense.

You had the most fantastic leopardprint coat on.

You were very kind to me, and I was very giddy over your friend.

You bought some new trousers and I didn't think anybody else in the world could look like that.

I was very confused because I'd thought you were a man, or someone else, or something.

I'd been wanting to talk to you for ages, but hadn't realised how beautiful you were as well.

You welcomed me and made me laugh more than was at all good for me.

Nobody told me who you were, and I only twigged some months later.

I fought the jealousy and lost, but fought the attraction and lost much harder. :)

I was very grateful because I didn't know anybody and couldn't dance.

You bounced, but I think I disappointed you.

I thought of it as meeting a celebrity.

I had to think very fast a lot to explain away why I knew so much about you. And I'm amazed I didn't spend the whole night saying "You're...real."

I thought you remarkably stylish and unfortunately unhappy.

I thought I was in love, but probably only with your makeup.

I fancied you instantly, and thought you were together and wondered whether I might be in with a chance with both of you. :)

You scritched me for hours.

I actually had to leave the building for fresh air because you were so attractive.

You danced to your own song and I fell for your pigtails.

You didn't look uncomfortable in your outfit at all, so I was surprised to learn that you had been.

You were very kind to me despite not knowing who I was and my having scared your girlfriend.

I realised it was never going to happen, but that we'd have an awful lot of fun anyway.

I admired your cleavage.

It had taken me ages to find the pub and I think I was quite shy.

I thought you looked like Dominic Monaghan, I'm sorry. :)

You were much smaller than I'd realised you were going to be, and I didn't know how to talk to you.

It was ages after we should have met, and I was worried I was going to spout silly poetry at you or something.

You were in costume and my mind absolutely boggled.

You had shiny trousers and I decided I probably had a crush on you.

I enthused about Duran Duran and then stood there gobsmacked as you enthused right back.

I pinched myself repeatedly, but you didn't disappear and I didn't wake up, so you must have been real.

You made bad and wrong comments and I understood why the wishful thinking about you and him, although I believe you that you're entirely straight, honest.

Nobody told me who you were until we were due to leave, I don't think.

You were holding hands with a beautiful man in a dress in the middle of London.

We were in the pub and I was very attracted to you despite having no idea who you were.

I. Loved. Your. Clothes. Still do.

It was my first time at Slimelight and you looked after me admirably, though you may not remember.

We squeaked at each other for a long time before actually talking.

You proved them right about your hugs.

I thought you were the sexiest woman I had ever seen ever.

I really liked you, and was baffled at how things turned out.

I didn't know who you were - if I'd realised, I'd have flirted shamelessly. :)

I had to leave the room due to jealous nausea. How things change. :)

You made me laugh uproariously doing things with a wine bottle.

I wasn't entirely sure she hadn't just gone into another room and come back out with a beard.

You gave me a CD.

We were at a loud pub with trendy music and I couldn't hear yourself think.

You had new boots and were terribly unhappy.

I was finally able to put an identity to that dancer I'd been admiring so much at the Calling.

You looked like Paul Gascoigne.

We geeked about Lou Reed and Menswe@r for a couple of hours.

I didn't realise who you were - until someone mentioned Roedean.

You said a lot of things I really needed to hear.

I gave you a book.

You sat next to me in the pub smiling tolerantly as I repeatedly fell over at your partner.

I was in shock and had no idea how to talk to you.

Your eyeliner was smudged everywhere and you looked as though you'd been ridden hard and put away wet. I squeaked a lot.

I'm afraid all I remember is a very spangly shirt.

I didn't really know who you were, but your commanding attitude amused and impressed me.

It was at Whitby and I'm sorry I didn't talk to you more.

Apparently I was squashed too close to a pretty Australian man to notice. :)


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  • (no subject)

    So I was just thinking, ugh, I'm too crazy to post another song, why would I even bother anyway, when I was suddenly reminded of a track I had on Now…

  • (no subject)

    You know when everyone is going crazy about a book, or a film, or a band, and you just get sick to death of even seeing it mentioned, even by people…

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    Well, clearly I'm not going to manage to post a song every day, because for the last...what is it, like, six? I have kept trying and then deciding…