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It's alive. Sort of.

That was a pretty good night at Electric Dreams, but it left me so tired that I've only just dragged myself out of bed. Still, it was fun, with much dancing, the occasional hard elbowing of drunken idiots, and more people there than I've seen at Tenebrae. Impressive.

Far too not-with it to write any kind of serious overview of what I did in Paris, and anyway, the two most salient points were a) Got a lot of remarkably good presents and b) Watched a lot of porn, so there's not really anything to say anyway. I really hate the city of Paris, and every time I go back I hate it more. City of romance? Tsk.

Anyway. Spent too long last night tarting at a cyber boy who wasn't interested, and came away feeling thoroughly unattractive. (More so than usual, I mean.) Despite the wearing of the new corset which is utterly beautiful. So today I feel hideous. But hopefully tomorrow I can convince someone to convince me otherwise...~g~


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