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A brief three things meme

Three favourite things to do:
Anything music-related (listening, singing, dancing etc)
Sit around and talk

Three song lyrics important to you:
There are many more than three, but -

"Did nobody warn you, boy?
Love's in vogue again, my love..."
-'In Vogue', Japan.

"He said 'you're really an ugly girl,
But I like the way you fly'
And I, I died,
But I thanked him -
Can you believe it?"
-'Precious Things', Tori Amos.

"It worries me, this kind of thing
How you hope to live alone, and
Occupy your waking hours
We're taking sides again, and
I just wept, I couldn't understand
Why you started this again...

Every day you send me more -
It makes it worse, is this some plan of yours
To ensure I won't forget?
I'd write and tell you that I've burned them all, but
You never send me your address, and I've -
I've kept them, anyway..."
- 'Messages', OMD

Oh, there are so *many* I could list. Ah well.

Three proverbs or aphorisms you live by:

Never put a sock in a toaster
Do not taunt the octopus
An it harm none, do what thou wilt
(I may have lied about the last one.)

Three places you'd like to (re)visit:


Three books that had a strong effect on you:

Belgariad/Malloreon - David Eddings
The Haunting - Margaret Mahy
A godawful Point Fantasy book called Healer's Quest. To my shame.


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