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The world is...

...cold. Very, very cold. ~pulls duvet back over head~
It is also warm, in that it has a dennyd in it, and this makes it warm even when it's cold.

It is also full of strange people who don't make that much sense. And lovely people who do. (Good to see many of the latter at the LFF. Particularly wechsler, and of course spikeylady...although that might have been something to do with the walking cane she's acquired.) Not so good to see K there; nevertheless, neither burst into tears nor smacked him in the face, just kept my distance and concentrated on the good good people. It seems to have worked. ~smile~ Rah.

I have a badge maker from asrana (and aegidian, spikeylady and dennyd) as a Christmas present. It is currently too cold to bounce up and down much, but I'd imagine most of you know how squeaky I was about this. ~g~ Yay! Badges! And stuff.

Now off to watch silly DVDs with one of the most beautiful men in the world. How will I cope?


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