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Thanks, asrana...

current mood: Fucking great, but shattered.

current music: ~grits teeth~ Somebody...is playing...that...that THING...on the piano out there. Otherwise, it'd be "Dream Kitchen" by The Frazier Chorus.

current taste: Bread. All I managed to grab for lunch. Three hours - no, three and a half - of writing. My hand aches.

current hair condition: Down. Ringletty. Cute. ~g~

current dress: Black-and-purple-silver sandals, black skirt, purple top.

current grievance: I haven't done the two things I really should have done - also, I'm going to have to stay up all night. Yes. ALL night.

current annoyance: FREAKIN' PIANO PLAYER SHIT OUT THERE...~sigh~

current smell: Computer room.

current stupid musing: "I wonder who invented this shit music..."
Also : "I wonder what's going on in Neighbours."

current longing: Eh...sorry, but right now it's food, since I've really had nothing today. And more energy. ~sigh~

current game: Writing lyrics out is fun. But exhausting.

current thing I ought to be doing: EEP My English essay for last Tuesday, or beta-ing Victoria's story.

current windows open: Just this one.

current desktop picture: At home it's STILL Zechs & Treize. I must change that to David Sylvian. (Oh, asrana. TOO CUTE! :-D )

current favorite artist: Salvador Dali & René Magritte.

current favorite group: LOL asrana, they meant a BAND! Duran of course.

current book: Eh...what am I reading? I know I'm reading something. Oh yes! Euripides' "Iphigineia In Aulis". (I think it's Euripides...)

current cds in stereo: Upstairs I think "Thank You" is still in the CD player, and the tape of "Guitar-Based Music/Slow Uplifting Stuff" that I've made for asrana is in my walkman.

current dvd in player: Don't have one. Don't want one.

current color of toenails: Normal. I don't bother with that. My fingernails are black with silver glitter, though.

current earrings: Not wearing any! Must remedy that when I go upstairs.

current refreshment: ~sigh~ NOthing. Must get down to tuck shop. Pepperami. Yes. Indeed.

current worry: I'll NEVER FINISH THEM! And what on EARTH are Frankie talking about? WTF is Van Heusen?! WHERE did all the lyrics I saved the other day disappear to???! AAAAAAARGH!

current favorite book: No favourite just at the moment. Harry Potter. Eh. ~ggls~

current malicious intent: LOL Eh...I don't really have one at the minute...unless you count leching over a L5, which I am currently guilty of...but with nothing malicious in mind...honest...

current misguided opinion: ~tilts head~ Probably that Simon ever had sex with anyone from the group. I don't know why I just typed that, but it's staying there.

current crush: ~ggls @ asrana~ Aww, BLESS! Eh...yeah, me too. ~ggls~ AND John. And. Eh. Yes. Midge.

current favorite celebrity: Nick.

current time wasting wish: That I had no more lessons at all so I could do more lyrics.

current hate: Noisy people, tiredness, distance.


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