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For jussard

Further to my mentioning said song:

Don't you want my trust?
I want to make you understand
I can make you feel better, man,
I can take you to the top
I'm a creepy guy;
I know that I have to be
I'm stronger, I'm better, I'm faster
You're weak

You will be
Under my control
You will be
Under my control

Give me what I need
Before I drag you on the floor
You're lying, you're cheating, you're stealing
My love
Come on now and let me satisfy
Your need to be down on your knees
Lose yourself in this perverted game
Release your fantasies and go insane

You will be
Under my control
You will be
Under my control


Really you have to hear it, though - Leaether Strip writes extraordinary, gorgeously harsh songs and sings with a voice distorter. He's great.
His cover of 'Sex Dwarf' should be banned, it can induce spontaneous...well, pretty much anything really. ~g~

Also, I should have mentioned the recently-discovered (by me) 'I Give To You' by Nitzer Ebb; again, really you have to hear it, but I do like the lyrics, especially "to tell the truth I don't even try/a life in knots that I don't untie".

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