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I have the internet again and am suddenly all whimsical.

Your initials spell out: EH(K)W
Have you ever owned a pet goldfish?: Indeed no. Nor a pet anything, unless you count the imaginary horse, but he wasn't actually mine.
Do you eat Goldfish?: They're small crackers my mum puts in dishes for parties. So, sometimes. But not if there are Pringles handy.
Your favourite birthday memory: I broke wechsler this year, that was fun. ~g~ But mostly my birthdays have sucked immeasurably for years.
Moment you're most proud of: Hmm. In some ways, the moments recently where I have said "No", or "I don't deserve being treated this badly", or in one case "Would you kindly fuck off?" to people. It's very hard for me. I know it's not a single moment, but then, the fact that I've done it more than once is something I'm proud of in itself.
Moment you're most ashamed of: Too many to think of, most involving poor giolla. Or my family.
Celebrity crush: Far too many to list, including but not limited to Nick Rhodes, Anthony Stewart Head, Peter Wingfield, and Brett Anderson.
Non-celebrity crush: Wasn't I just talking about that the other day?

:: fill in the blanks::
Pirates are: never, ever going to be able to shake off the associations with Johnny Depp. Which is just fine by me.
Don't be fooled by: Bens. I still advocate constant vigilance.
I'm too sexy for my: ex-boyfriends. ~grin~
Courtney Love is: the single mother of all that is wrong with popular rock and nu-metal.
I'd like another: band to do for the 80s what The Darkness are doing for the 70s. Goldfrapp are trying, mind, but their style is too 60s.
I don't understand: spanking. Never have, never will.
Where have all the good people: put their sanity? Because, y'see, they all seem to be my friends. :)
Dude. Sweet. Dude. Sweet.: Shush.
Girls are: soft and beautiful, pale-skinned and full of smiles, mysterious and delicate, fun to be around.
Boys are: never correctly aware of their own attractiveness, frightening in and of themselves, never interested in me so there.
Only the _______ survive: extremely silly

In music news, 'Shut Up' by the Black Eyed Peas is remarkably good - after their incredibly insipid and generally awful 'Where Is The Love?', I'm stunned by how good this is. Likewise - I can't believe I'm saying this - Rachel, ex of S Club 7, has now done two really quite decent pop songs.
Shane Richie is number one with a Wham! cover. I did not know this before. This is Wrong. Wrong, I say.

Public service announcement : Buy The Darkness' Christmas single.
The Darkness are just wonderful anyway, and I loved the song before, but I heard them do it live this morning and was extremely impressed. They rock. So hard.


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