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More pricelessness....

...this time from an uninformed journo-wannabe who needs a spellcheck, some Duran Duran liner notes and a kick in the head - not necessarily in that order.

On Duran Duran's first album :
</i>This is an great first effort by Duran Duran, combining a "Roxy Music like" sound and a nice synth overlay made for an exceptional debut. This album contains some real New Romantic classics on it, "Planet Earth," "Tel Aviv," "Is There Something I should know (I'm not sure I would call this song "New Romantic," It seems miss placed on the album.), and "Girls on Film." I have always felt that Duran Duran would have been better off without and drummer and let Nick Rhodes use a drum machine instead (becoming more technology based). They really out did themselves with "Tel Aviv," its a great instrumental and the song also reminds me of the David Bowie "LOW" album. A wounderful piece of work by an unapreciated band (critically).</i>

Nick Rhodes. Famously, Duran Duran's drummer. Uh-huh. Just look what he said about Medazzaland :

Finally Duran Duran did a mostly electronic album, this is the area where I think they would shine the most. But there still having some problems (aside from John Taylor leaving), the lyrical content is kinda lacking. Aside from the lyrics it is a great lisen, you do not have to be a Duranie to enjoy this album. The first track on Madazzaland is great, this is what the band needs to experiment with, more instrumentals and playing smaller venues (the seven and the ragged tiger days are over guys). I feel if they played clubs (when promoting this album and the ones to come) and focusing on the lyrical content this record could have been a great "underground" hit.

Duran Duran, famed for their underground appeal. Of course.

My favourite review by this bloke, though, is this one, of Pulp's really quite mediocre album "This Is Hardcore" :

An amazing follow up to the popular "Different Class" album, a bit darker than its predecessor and a bit better! Although different class is a brit-pop/glam classic I feel This Is Hardcore is slightly more sophisticated. If you are a Roxy Music fan you will enjoy this album, it reminds me at times of "For Your Pleasure." I'm really thankful that Pulp is not a mainstream band here in the states, just think of the offal people that would contaminate such an intellegent band and album.

How come he can spell "predecessor" and "sophisticated" and not "awful" and "intelligent"?
Pulp = The New Roxy Music. Who knew?


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