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Yet another post for the cute duvet icon. Look! Kittens!

Evening sort of fell apart around me, which was a shame as I'd been having a good night up to that point. Another reminder (one day one of them will stick, honest) that I should never go anywhere looking forward to seeing people. And I mean honestly, what did I think I was looking forward to exactly? I am daft, I really am. ~shakes head~

So, my apologies to spikeylady - was great to see you and we must catch up properly when my head is not in the throes of something quite this silly. I'm free lots. Let me know.
Also to wechsler, babysimon (sorry if I confirmed your opinions of my general angstiness - I promise I'm not like that much these days!), ellemir and jhg. It was very good to see you all and I'm sorry things upset me. I am very silly. I won't do it again, honest. ~s~
Also good to see ellbie and heteronormative, both of whom left before the evening did its odd dissolving thing.


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