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Slipknot in "right about one thing" shocker :

People do, sometimes, = shit. ~sigh~
Not only were they not glad I'd made it to the course tonight, but I got shouted at for not being there on Monday or Tuesday, and then for the course assistant having lost my phone number - clearly my fault, of course. Argh. And tonight was really hard, as well - so being hauled over the carpet in front of everyone was just what I needed.


1. What's the middle name of first person you slept with? James. I think.

2. What kind of underwear are you wearing, and what color are they? Actually nothing, at the moment.

3. What song do you want played at your funeral? 'Save A Prayer', Duran Duran - among others.

4. What is the number of your sluttiest friend so that some of your single friends can get some action? Heh. Damn it, *I* want the action.

5. What would your last meal be before being executed? A damned impressive banquet - naturally.

6. Beatles or Stones? Stones, but I'm not that keen on them. They're just a lot better than the Beatles. :)

7. If you had to pick one person on earth to die, who would it be? Someone fighting for the right to it, probably.

8. The person whose problems you wouldn't want to hear? Oh, I'll listen to everyone's problems. It only gets really grating when it's someone I have feelings for and they're sitting there whining about how they'll never find love and they're not good enough for any of the people they want...

9. What is the thing most important to you about the preferred sex? 'Intelligence' and 'sense of humour' and all that are things that are important to me with both sexes, but I do tend to go for men more than women, and that has a lot to do with the sense of power and presence that a lot of men have - not that women don't sometimes have it too, but I find it more attractive in men than in women.

10. Do you secretly hate some of your friends but are too nice to reject them? No.

11. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Always telepathy, and I could use teleportation as well. (Bamf.)

12. Favorite hangover cure? Not drinking alcohol. :)

13. How many drinks does it take to get you drunk? I've no idea.

14. Favorite Outkast lyric? Well, it's not as if I like them at all (I really don't, although they're among the least offensive of rap-based groups these days), but I was always quite taken with the simplicity of
"Hope that we feel this, feel this way forever -
You can plan a pretty picnic, but you can't predict the weather..."

15. Hair color you most like someone you're dating to have? Something that suits them - and that can mean more than one colour, or something deeply unnatural, or whatever.

16. If you had to be blind or deaf, which would you choose? I hate this question and these days entirely refuse to answer it.

17. Do you have any psychiatric problems? I don't know. Possibly.

18. Siblings that should go to rehab? Heh. My half-brothers are a bit batty, but it's mostly just a family thing.

19. Least favorite month? Probably March. It's a peculiarly nothing month.

20. Favorite hateful thing to do to somebody? Does tickling count? ~s~ But seriously. Nothing.

21. First movie you remember seeing as a kid? The Jungle Book. I had to be taken out of it, screaming. :) I was very tiny.

22. Favorite person in the whole world? I don't really have one. Not in this world. I have a lot of people I love very much, but. No favourites. No.

23. When's the last time you went on a date? I've never been on a date. ~sigh~ Not what I call a date, anyway - which I realise is a little more restrictive than what most people would. :)

24. Do you like violent movies or dirty movies? They have their place.

25. Fall or spring? Autumn in the countryside, Spring in the city, perhaps.

26. Person you most wish you hadn't made out with? I take the fifth.

27. If you are straight, what person of the same sex would you do it with? Well, I'm not, but Drew Barrymore. I mean, I could list LJ people, but I'm sure nobody wants to know.

28. Where do you want to live when you are old and brittle? At home in Sussex. I love our house.

29. Who is the person you can count on the most? asrana and dennyd, at the moment and for different things.

30. If you could date any celebrity, past or present, time and age are not a factor... Probably Marilyn Manson, actually - for real honest-to-goodness reasons, not teeny goth fangirldom, as well. Or, oh, Micko Westmoreland, of course. Or Nick Rhodes. Yes.

31. What books have you pretended to read? I don't really tend to do that - there's no point, 'cause then people start recommending dreadful books you'll never want to read in your life, and it all gets a bit out of control.

32. What's a word you'd use to describe your life? Extreme.

33. What's your favorite drinking game? They don't really apply to me. :)

34. What did you dream about last night? As I said earlier, I dreamed that in order to be allowed to sleep I had to perform depraved and corrupt acts with a number of people.

35. Favorite vice? Performing depraved and corrupt acts with a number of people. ~grin~ Or, more specifically, D/s. Or, more honestly, especially getting people who don't think they can do D/s to do it with me, because there's nothing quite like that.

36. What's the last thing you'd ever tell someone? 'Last' in what context? If you mean the last thing I'd tell someone if I told them everything in the world about me, it'd be the absolute minutiae, the really boring things. If you mean the last thing I told them before I was never going to see them again, it would be "I love you" - unless I didn't, obviously. And in that case some appropriate sentiment of the regard in which I held them.

I shall now endeavour to calm down enough to sleep for a bit. At least the weekend should be good.


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