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Just spoke to my mum on the phone and read some of dad's bizarre letter to her. She voiced the opinion that possibly he has encountered some hallucinogenic mushrooms whilst doing his gardening. So maybe it'll all be ok after all.

Also have been amused by this being embarrassingly remininscent of 'Mr. Vain' by Culture Beat, and this being the most beautifully clichéd thing I've heard in ages. They sound so earnest! It's lovely.

Oh, my head is full of goth. Not so much the music or the fashion as the indefinable essence of it all. I sometimes regret that I'm just that bit too...something or other...to be able to do full goth the whole time. I look at people like...like...er...[latest object of random fascination] and I'm just not sure how they do it. But some days I think I'd like to.

And then I realise I'd probably have to give up Dead Or Alive, and definitely Kajagoogoo. And I could never do that. ~g~


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