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Dum de dum de dum...

...today started out really bad and now appears to be fine, so, eh...that's good.
I woke up late this morning and when I went downstairs to apologise for missing breakfast I burst into tears. They were like "Um, this is hardly a reason to cry is it?" and I was like "Well, no, it isn't, is it?" and I didn't know why I was.
Then ten minutes later I realised it was because I'd had a really WARPED dream last night and I'd been very unhappy in it, but I never cry in my sleep so I think it was kind of substitute tears. If you see what I mean.
Steve Tyler from Aerosmith adopted me; but I was in love with him. Eeeeeeeeee. Rates high on the scale of eeeeness.


Sometimes someone says something or I hear something that just reminds me how fantastic my band are. It was Val again this time. Khanada. ~cries~ Just the most beautiful song.

Mum send me an extra £20 in the post. ~s~ It was kind of her but...she's right...I *shouldn't* have spent so much money on CDs...not with Christmas coming up...eep.

And finally (thanks chiriko) :

Age: 17
Best Friend: Don't really have one.
Choice of Meat: ~ggls~ Can I say Courtney Taylor? No? Why not? Oh, fine then. Chicken.
Dream Date: Eh...one involving Nick. In whatever way.
Exciting Adventure: Not yet. I prefer to read about others'.
Favorite Food: Many things, but at the moment I crave some kind of crustacean. Could murder a lobster. Probably a good thing, since I wouldn't eat it live.
Greatest Accomplishment: Getting some freakin' work done this week.
Happiest Day of your life: I don't know. The bad days get worse, but the good days seem to get better. I was so happy last Friday I thought I was going to die. ~s~
Interests: Singing, reading, writing, English, music, blah de blah blah.
Jellybelly: Eww. And once more I say : EWW.
Kool-Aid: Ditto the above.
Love: Music. My band. My friends. My family.
Most Valued: Eh...probably my voice.
Name: Boys : Sebastian, Vyvyan, Tristram, Ben, Alex, Stephen, Stefan, Westerly, and on and on and on. There are many. Girls : Bethany and Rhiannon.
Outfit you love: My red skirt and its jacket; I may well wear this on Saturday, atch.
Pizza toppings: Anything with LOTS of pepperoni.
Question Asked to you the most: "How do you spell....?"
Radio Station: Wave 105.2 and, when it's actually playing music, Radio 2.
Sport: Netball.
Television Show: Never Mind The Buzzcocks, TOTP2, A Question Of Pop, Whose Line, HIGNFYu.
Ur favorite song: I don't know the favourite song of a fabled Babylonian city. Sorry. (Hands up all those to whom that made sense?) But at the moment mine is...one of the ones I just recorded for asrana. ~bounces~ It's FAB!
Video: Gah. Arena. ~ggls~ John on the car! ~swoon~
Year born: 1984
Zodiac Sign: Gemini. Extremely Gemini.


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