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In which migraines suck a lot, and life mostly doesn't.

This evening I sat for three hours in a wide room surrounded by mirrors while overhead eight enormous bright white artificial lights seared their way through my desperately closed eyelids. I had the worst migraine I've *ever* had - it was so bad I couldn't see, which terrified me, especially since even though all I could see of anything else was blurry coloured shadows, the damn lights were clear as artificial day.
It hurt.

I come back and of course, of course, it was an entirely unnecessary migraine. Heigh ho. I still feel like absolute hell and I won't be going to the do at the V&A tomorrow. Instead I'll be heading over to see asrana and company. But I may compromise and dress up. Just because.

And now everything hurts, so I am going to - eventually - try and get some sleep. Oh, and, ooh - I have work - but unfortunately not work that actually pays me anything. Proofreading for a London alternative magazine that *desperately* needs it, but has no money as things stand - but is willing to pay me if and when it does get some, so maybe eventually it'll be 'worth doing' in a sense my parents would understand, rather than 'worth doing' in my terms, which it already is.

Blah, blah, blah, sleep.


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