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I love my friends, my friends give me music.

Not always as in "here you go, a CD" but sometimes just in "Oh my god, what is this, it's gorgeous?" kind of ways...

So yesterday, I'm perched on a wooden ledge, one which gives *great* bass, if you see what I mean, and the stereo is playing random things, and then, because I look all down and shaky, my dear friend reaches down and puts on the German theme from 'Pinky And The Brain'. It finishes. I'm still giggling when the next track starts up.
Because I'm giggling, I don't find the beginning as creepy as I might have done. I just assume it's about to be some other comedy song - but no, it's too well-crafted for that. And that bass. Oh, god, yes.

To cut a long story short, it was this, and I am very much enthralled. And on the floor. Possibly dead. ~s~


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